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Hot Springs and spectacular views of the majestic Arenal Volcano

This area boast spectacular views of a majestic cone-shaped volcano. Rising 1,633 meters above sea level, above the rainforest that surrounds its base, Arenal Volcano frames the skyline with near perfect symmetry. You’ll find great landscapes as you drive along the northern plains overlooking a wind-swept lake and pristine cloud forests reserves. Weather in this particular region tends to characterize itself with warm daytime temperatures (low to mid 80’s) and relatively high humidity. There are intermittent rain showers that usually pass quickly. From late February to early May, the rain lessens in frequency which allows for fantastic skyscapes during sunrise and sunset.

The Arenal Volcano National Park

It is conically shaped with a crater spanning 140 metres (460 ft) and is considered a young volcano and the age is estimated to be less than 7,500 years. Although the volcano entered into a resting phase in 2010 – meaning that its eruptions have paused – it is still a stunning sight. The 29,692-acre (12,016-ha) Arenal Volcano National Park protects both the Arenal Volcano and the dormant Chato Volcano. The park begins near Lake Arenal and has both hiking trails and observational points for visitors to enjoy. In many ways, Lake Arenal is just as monumental as the volcano that rises above its eastern shoreline. With a surface of over 33 sq mi (85 sq km) and a depth of some 200 ft (60 m), it is Costa Rica’s largest landlocked body of water. As such, it provides ample opportunities for activities such as windsurfing, fishing, boating and more.

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There is a wide selection of steaming springs along the National Park road for all budgets and tastes. And that’s not all, of the 850 bird species identified in Costa Rica, 600 are permanent residents in their region.

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