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Costa Rica Central Valley

The city offers visitors a wide variety of activities and a thriving nightlife with its many discos, bars, casinos, fine restaurants, shops, and some very impressive museums sprinkled throughout the city (Jade Museum, with the largest collection of pre-Columbian jade in the Americas; National Theater, a national pride and architectural jewel for over a hundred years now).

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Topping the list, literally, of things to do around San Jose are the drive-up volcanoes: Poás and Irazú. The rural towns, for their part, are highly picturesque, and offer a glimpse of old Costa Rica, with their houses of bahareque (a building material similar to adobe but made of cattle dung and straw), large coffee plantations, sugar mills and dairies. San Jose offers a wide variety of other sights for visitors to discover. Lovely parks, elegant cathedrals and world-class museums are waiting to be explored. There are a great variety of hotels, catering to every style and budged, that make a stay in San Jose more than comfortable, and after exploring the city or the Central valley, one can find plenty of restaurants to help extend the pleasures of the day. Nearly every cuisine of the world is represented among the extensive offerings, and each one will include typical “Tico” hospitality along with whatever is on the menu.

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For those still looking for a little excitement after dinner, one could head out to dance or music clubs to enjoy anything from the ubiquitous Latin beat, to classic blues and jazz.

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